Happy New Year! And we really mean that. With 2020 past us, the new year brings a continuing need for support in the local community. Whether that means eating out more often, buying gift cards, or fostering a furry friend, here are three ways to show a little extra love and support to your local businesses.

Buy from Local Stores

Now is the best time to treat local small businesses as an important part of the community. Instead of shopping at a big box store, check out local shops first. The good news is that you don’t have to sacrifice convenience or online buying options since many local vendors offer e-commerce services and will deliver purchases right to your door. If the store doesn’t have the items you need, consider buying some gift cards now to use later. 

Service-oriented businesses are also an essential part of the neighborhood. If you need your air conditioner serviced or car tuned up, for example, go ahead and schedule an appointment. They will appreciate your business. 

Support Local Restaurants

At Lantern Bay Apartments, we are conveniently located less than two miles away from various restaurants, entertainment, bars, and clubs. The area has many popular chain restaurants, but there are also plenty of local dining choices to enjoy. Why not try a new location every week? 

Check out these nearby restaurants. 

  • Lazy Dog Restaurant: This is a family-owned business that specializes in good-old-fashioned comfort food. Lazy Dog’s homemade chicken pot pie, pastas, sandwiches, and burgers are always made fresh, and the veggie menu ensures there is something for everyone. Be sure to leave your diet at the door and enjoy the Butter Cake. (Hey, it’s takeout. Nobody needs to know you ate two servings.) 
  • Katella Grill: Feast on homemade family-style barbecue, fresh-made salads, and American cuisine. Online ordering is simple, and curbside pickup and delivery services are available.
  • Lanta Thai Fusion: Enjoy this casual eatery featuring twists on classic Thai fare, plus lunch specials, beer, and sake. It’s the perfect option for a quick weeknight bite.

Adopt or Foster a Pet

While 2020 may have gone to the dogs, statistics show that we open our hearts and homes to around 3.2 million shelter animals every year. If you can’t resist those soft ears and button nose, you can feel confident knowing that Lantern Bay Apartments is a pet-friendly community. 

We can all do our part to take care of the people in our neighborhood. By shopping locally first, dining out when possible, and adding a furry companion to your household, we can help local business to not only survive, but also thrive long after the pandemic is over.