While in many ways the world is standing still during COVID-19, people are on the move—literally. Millions of people have had to move during COVID-19. But they aren’t moving far. Of those who moved, 46 percent moved within the same city, 38 percent moved within the same state, and only 14 percent moved to a different state. 

For those who still face the possibility of relocating, many might ask if it is safe to move during COVID-19. Whether or not to move at this time is a choice you must make for yourself based on your individual circumstances, but here are a few points to consider as you decide if it is right for you.

Is Moving Necessary?

There are many understandable reasons to move during COVID-19. Some have lost jobs and are trying to find more affordable housing, some are concerned about the safety of their current residence, and some have more flexibility with work and want to be closer to family or loved ones. Whatever the reason for you, weigh the necessity of your move compared to the extra challenges and risks of moving during a pandemic. If the move is not urgent, would you be willing to wait a few months to see how the pandemic plays out?

Are You High-Risk?

Of those who have moved during the pandemic, only six percent are above the age of 54. Those in the older age group or who have medical conditions that put them at risk for a serious case of COVID-19 should be extra cautious in their decision to move during COVID-19, as moving involves exposure to new people and places. If you are high-risk and still need to move, you should be safe if you take proper precautions.

Are You Feeling Well?

Perhaps the biggest safety risk of moving during the pandemic is if you or someone involved is feeling sick with symptoms of COVID-19. If at all possible, avoid moving while you are experiencing any kind of sickness, or if any of the movers have been sick or exposed to the virus. It would be safest for everyone to push back the date of the move until everyone is feeling healthy.

Here at Grove House Apartments, we want our residents to stay healthy. If you are moving here, we will do our part to thoroughly clean your apartment before you arrive. If you decide that moving during COVID-19 is necessary for you in your situation, we encourage you to be cautious and safe during all parts of the moving process.