Did you know that incorporating eco-friendly habits can help you live a healthier and happier life? Here are four ways living green helps boost your health. 

Breathe Easier

Many cleaning products contain chemicals; when sprayed, they release those chemicals into the air you breathe. By using natural items such as vinegar, olive oil, baking soda, and lemon juice, you can reduce the amount of caustic chemical floating in the air, which allows you to breathe easier. And let’s not forget how inexpensive these items are! Combining water from your faucet with the vinegar in your panty is much cheaper and less time-consuming than driving to the store to purchase a product that may not be the best for your lungs.

Refuel with Some Vitamin D

Although you can’t purchase your own solar panels to save energy, you can turn off the lights in your apartment and open the blinds to let some good ol’ sunshine in. Consider opening the windows to freshen your home. Soaking up some extra vitamin D could help fight disease, reduce depression, and even promote weight loss. 

Reduce Stress

Sitting in rush-hour traffic causes enough stress for one day, especially when you live in such a densely populated area as Southern California. Why not find alternative transportations options to reduce your stress and help the environment? Public transportation and carpooling are great means of commuting to work and reducing air pollution. Further, riding a bike and walking are even better options for diminishing stress while reducing your carbon footprint. Burning off your most recent meal and releasing happy endorphins into your body are added bonuses. 

Promote a Healthier Diet

Did you know that our food system contributes to one-quarter of all greenhouse gas emissions? Red meat emits the most carbon (33 grams per 6 ounces, to be exact), while vegetables emit a much lower amount (14 grams). Living green by eating less meat is a great way to improve the environment and your health. If you can’t give up red meat altogether, try eating it sparingly by practicing Meatless Mondays or incorporating more fish into your diet. 

Small changes can make a big eco-impact. Following the four tips above will help you take care of the earth and live a healthy life.